Computational Physics (2016/2017)

Computational Physics is centered on formulating and solving physical problems using the computer, through the practical application of Numerical Methods in algorithms, which are implemented in a scientific programming language.


  1. Electrostatics and Electrical Fields
    • Coulomb’s law. Electrical field. Gauss’s law.
    • Insulators and Conductors.
    • Potential.
    • The electric field in matter. Dielectrics.
    • Capacitors. Capacitance. Associação de condensadores. Electrostatic energy.
    • Applications: Van de Graaff generator, cathode-ray tube, fotocopiadora, laser printer.
  2. DC Electrical Current
    • Electrical current, electrical resistance and Ohm’s law. Energy dissipation.
    • Circuits. Associações de resistências. Kirchhoff’s circuit laws.
    • RC circuits.
    • Applications: Wheatstone bridge, power source, transmission line.
  3. Magnetostatics
    • Magnetic field and magnetic force.
    • Biot–Savart and Ampère’s laws.
    • Solenoid. Hall effect probe.
    • Applications: motor, mass spectrometer, particles accelerator.
  4. Electromagnetic Induction
    • Faraday’s law. Mutual inductance and self-inductance: inductance. Lenz’s law.
    • Induced field and induced electromotive force.
    • Transformers.
    • Applications: generators, motors.
  5. AC Circuits
    • Stationary regime. Phasors. Impedance.
    • Applications: RLC circuits.


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