Meaning of Life

I’m not very good in doing something. Actually, pride aside, I’m good in doing several distinctive things.

That’s why it was so difficult to me to decide which grade I was taking in college. Even now, I’m not sure that I had made the right choice. But now that I’m just starting a new ‘phase’ in Life, I’m struggling with several additional questions. After years thinking about it, I still can’t find my purpose in Life.

There are two things that I’m sure. One is that will take some time to figure out the answer to that question. And the second is that I don’t know myself well enough to answer that. Maybe with the approaching change of my life, it will easy the things up. But Life is a bitch and she rejoices making the things difficult.

There is one thing that I know about myself: I love challenges!

I accept your challenge, bitch!

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