Your security is key now uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the browser of your computer and our server. This link ensures that all data transmitted remains completly private. SSL is an industry standart, used by millions of websites in the protection of online communications.


What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology used to establish a secure connection between the browser of your computer and the server. It was created to protect sensitive data that is transmitted, for exemple, in commercial transactions (personal data of customers). It is a protocol designed to provide maximum security and simplicity. An SSL certificate contains the entity data (name, online domain, address, city and country) responsible for the site. It also contains the certificate’s expiration date and details of the Certification Authority Root. These entities are regulated and are governed by very tight protocols and rules. The SSL certification is a win-win for and their visitors. On the one hand, it guarantees the confidentiality of information that is being transmitted, and on the other hand, it allows our visitors to rely on the securit, identity, and information provided by

In order to create an SSL connection, we had to request an SSL certificate. So we had to answer a series of questions about the identity of the site, and undergo a rigorous certification process. At the beginning of this process, our web server created two cryptographic keys – a private key and a public key. The public key is placed in a data file called a certificated signing request (CSR), which contains the identification details of our entity.

Once this procedure is done, we send the CSR to the Certificate Authority. Our data was validated and has been issued an SSL certificate for This certificate contains data specifically issued for our entity, and also contains our private key. With the certificate, we became able to establish encrypted connections through our site. The SSL protocol complexities remain invisible for our visitors, who can browse and purchase on our website safely.

How to identify? What protects me?

If you see a padlock symbol in your browser, then you are using a secure SSL connection, and have the guarantee that your data will not be diverted by hackers and cyber criminals.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer – was invented to protect sensitive data that is being transmitted, it is a security protocol designed to provide maximum security while remainig simple for everyday use.

You can confirm the security of this site by clicking in the button bellow, which will direct you to the site of an independent entity (Qualys SSL Labs) that will access the security of the site.

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