Viagem de Comboio

Train rides are a great opportunity for making some introspective thinking.

Especially when there’s no battery in your smartphone and you can’t hide from your thoughts in a ‘Daft Punk’ song playing out loud or in a casual chatting using the Facebook app.

So there I was, sitting in front of a girl (which my ‘gaydar’ identified as a lesbian, not that was relevant) and next to a hot guy who apparently wasn’t so comfortable next to me because I was wearing an “I’m so GAY” t-shirt. I had no battery on my HTC Desire and only the landscape to entertain myself. A disaster was looming to happen!

I started to think about the kind of guys that I usually date and also about the personality of the guys that usually feels attracted to chubby bears like me.

I’m not picky, really, but I have a tendency to pick regular looking guys and preferable with lots of body hair. I believe they are called ‘otters’ in the bears slang. Nothing’s wrong about that, besides there wasn’t the kind of guys that I liked before. So I realized that my taste was getting ‘older’ over the years.

Next, I begin to think about what they are looking in guys like me. The conclusion was terrifying. I believe they are, consciously or not, looking for a kind of father figure in a big mature guy who can protect them. Taking in account that my last relationship didn’t went very well because I was tired of playing the father role and my partner was very immature, I didn’t became very happy with this conclusion.

What can I get from this ride?! “Don’t forget to charge your phone!”

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